22.4 Education for adults in locations close to the tracks

This measure consists of adult educative actions which are carried out in ‘strategic’ locations close to the tracks, but which may appear in the first place as unusual or irrelevant. These locations are strategic if they are close to trespassing hotspots, and therefore may gather people who have a higher probability to trespass when going to or leaving from that location. The goal of this measure is to influence the decision to trespass by influencing the knowledge of regulations and risk awareness. At the same time it may influence the decision to enter the tracks by directing and supporting correct behaviour.
  • Indentify potential strategic locations such as soup kitchens, taverns, bars, restaurants, night clubs, sport clubs or shopping centres that are located close to the tracks.
  • May be difficult to implement, because of negative community reactions.
  • May be difficult to implement because it needs approval to conduct preventative actions in these locations.
  • Depends on previous hotspot identification and precise segmentation of the target group.
  • A good exemple from the Slovenian Railways (Slovenske železnice, d.o.o.) promoting a ’Safety First’ mindset during European Mobility Week using a hidden camera after having identified a traspassing hotspot and having chosen a young population group as the target of the intervention. Watch the video at https://youtu.be/5J0rCaD-jMM
  • Activities in soup kitchens and taverns that are located close to the tracks (Savage, 2007) are encouraged.

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