Collaboration between organisations

This family of measures includes national partnerships as well as local ones (e.g. linked to a specific route or geographical area) to produce better joint working between a range of organisations and agencies. These measures underpin or support the implementation of many other measures. The collaborative measures in this family may more commonly be set up to deal with suicide, sometimes with specific high risk groups in mind (e.g. those with mental illness), but there is potential for these to work against trespass as well. In principle these are all included, though this targeting could be refined with better knowledge (e.g. of the proportions with mental health issues, proportions of potential trespassers with known criminal background or intent, or the proportion of interventions that rely on inter-agency involvement).

It is considered an organisational family because it concerns the way in which organisations interact and collaborate with one another.

Measures in this family could also be understood as stakeholder collaboration, cooperation, partnership, inter-agency collaboration, coalition, community-based programs, community engagement, etc.